Thoughts And Memories Of A Camping Life


What memories do you treasure most? When I think back over my fondest experiences the ones that come quickly to mind are those I enjoyed during my camping life.

I started camping young – before the age of ten. That’s quite a while back now, and my camping habits changed slightly over the years. I still rough camp on occasion, but when I’m traveling around this beautiful country of ours I prefer to cruise in my motor home.

I have many early memories of camping. Some were pure joy, others not exactly pleasant.

During my school years, my family lived in Pennsville, New Jersey. And that’s where my camping life started. Or, more accurately, my camping journey starts at Elk Neck State Park in Maryland.

Elk Neck wasn’t a long drive from where we lived in Pennsville. We headed there on weekends to camp, and spend time with nature. I can’t say now that I remember the park all that well, even though we made a lot of trips there.

But one daily event always comes to mind when I visit my memories of those camping trips to Elk Neck State Park. Though most people don’t feel a desire to welcome skunks into their lives, these little creatures can be quite entertaining.

We always camped in when I was young. For those Elk Neck events, we had a big family size tent that we all slept in. At the time we were six – four kids, and our parents.

Our breakfast at camp was usually bacon, eggs, and toast. Sometimes we had oatmeal. Each morning after breakfast Mom gathered the scraps (leftovers, and egg shells), and placed them at the edge of the campsite. She positioned those scraps just so the evening campfire light barely touched them.

Each evening right around dusk the skunks appeared. As we sat around the fire we waited for them to show up. They came quietly from the woods and went straight for the breakfast scraps. We always watched them as they licked the inside of the egg shells, and ate the food scraps that Mom put out for them.

Those hour or so skunk watchings were one of the highlights of every camping day. The skunks never came fully into the firelight, and they never bothered us. They ate the food, and as quietly as they came, they disappeared back into the woods.

That’s one of those experiences I always relive with fond memories.

I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors. And at the top of my outdoor pleasures is the time I spent at campsites of one type or another. As time goes by I’ll tell you about those times I had. Like I said earlier, my camping life covers a lot of years, and like I also said – I still camp, both roughly and comfortably.

I’m sharing my experiences here at Your Camping Life for your pleasure and entertainment. I hope you enjoy my stories. And I hope you find some camping knowledge that magnifies your enjoyment of the outdoors.