RV Travel Road Service Bad Experience Turned Happy


I've had RV travel road service for some time now, and for the most part my experiences lean toward the positive.

Nothing is ever 100% as they say, and a recent event almost went sour for me.

As I traveled on I75 northbound (around 25 miles south of Cincinnati, Ohio) one cloudy afternoon I heard a loud explosion. I thought right away that a tire just blew, and headed for the shoulder.

Once I got my RV stopped I hopped out to take a look. After a quick inspection, I found that the inside rear tire on the driver's side had no air.

This happened about 3:05 in the afternoon, and traffic on I75 at that point was very heavy. I had just passed the entry ramp onto I75 from I71, which only served to add to the number of vehicles flowing by. Not to mention the fact that oncoming traffic had very little opportunity to make a lane change away from my vehicle.

I called my RV travel road service to request assistance. This is where my less than happy experience started.

The agent who answered the phone didn't speak English well, and I had difficulty understanding him.

He insisted I needed to give him the name of a nearby town. I told him that I was south of Cincinnati, and as far as I knew that was the closest town to where I was.

I also told him I was just north of the I75/I71 interchange.

After some minutes he finally told me that service was on the way. The wait, he said, would be up to 70 minutes, and the service would arrive by 4:23 PM.

A few moments later I got a text from my RV travel road service stating that 3 Rivers Roadside, LLC would be responding.

A little while later I got a call from a 3 River's driver saying he was on his way. As the time approached 4:23 I got another call asking for my location.

A while after that I got a call from 3 Rivers asking for my location again. When I stated I was just north of and could see from where I was sitting, the I71 entry ramp onto I75, and that I was on northbound I75 about 25 miles south of Cincinnati I was told that the RV travel road service agent told them I was 25 miles north of Cincinnati.

At 5:15 PM I got a call from Lee from 3 Rivers Roadside, LLC. He said he was on his way, and wanted to make sure of exactly where I was. I told him I was at mile marker 173.7 in Kentucky on northbound I75 and could see the I71 ramp just to the south of me.

Lee said he was just passing mile marker 177, and southbound, so he'd have to find a place to turn around, and come back to me.

A few minutes later he asked if I was in the motor home, or a commercial truck just a bit to the north. I told him I was in the motor home.

At 5:20 PM a little car pulled over in front of my RV, and Lee got out to introduce himself.

He said he didn't have his truck, but came to help anyway because after hearing about the situation he knew that if I waited for a service truck I'd be sitting there until 9:00 that evening.

He had a couple floor jacks in his trunk. He jacked the rear of the RV up but didn't have any sockets that fit my lugs. Fortunately, those I had, and he went to work.

Lee got the outer tire off while I stood behind the RV to attempt to slow down oncoming traffic, and to at least alert the coming drivers.

The lugnuts on the inner tire didn't want to budge – even with a helping breaker bar.

So Lee stuck a jack under the breaker bar. That broke them loose, and he finally got the flat tire off.

Lee put the spare on along with the outer tire, put the bad tire back on my spare mounting bracket, put the tools away, and stayed to make sure I got the engine started. Then off he went.

As I approached Cincinnati I noticed a car come up beside me, and slow down. I looked over, and there was Lee again signaling a thumbs up to make sure things were okay.

I called my RV travel road service at 3:13, and I pulled back onto the road at 6:15.

What started out to be a bad experience turned into a happy ending thanks to Lee and 3 Rivers Roadside, LLC.

I highly commend, and recommend, 3 Rivers Roadside, LLC thanks to Lee staying with me to make sure that I got back to my travels – and making the extra effort to follow me for a ways to make sure things were right.